Frequently Asked Questions from Service Professionals

Cash flow. Whether you're a big or small shop, we all feel highs and lows. It's beneficial to have a steady flow of fill in work, though many specialize exclusively in dealer work.
Yes, dealer work can be very profitable. The majority of work you get from dealers consists of smaller or minor repairs, but in higher volume.
Dealers expect a discount per unit against their volume of repairs. Negotiations can be made by offering a less expensive part, "shortcut" in service, or less expensive materials that you would not offer to a retail customer.
It used to be. It was time consuming for you, disruptive for the dealer, and left everybody uncomfortable... not the best way to make a first impression. With Local Auto Works, they call you.
No. Many of our members use LAW for side work, and some even work from home. Local Auto Works was made for service professionals like you to make a living the way you see fit.
We promote our members as talented professionals, committed to quality service and on-time delivery. We expect our members to honor their integrity.
Yes. They are both licensed by their state to sell cars. When quoting a wholesale repair, it is best practice to verify a client is in fact a licensed dealer.
Dealers are to pay you directly, Local Auto Works does not get between you and your money.
Local Auto Works connects you to new sources of income, but we do not get between you and your transactions. Contact your CPA about your tax situation.
Laws vary by location and circumstance, contact an insurance representive in your area for up to date requirements.
Go to "My Account". At the top of the page there is a link to "Cancel Membership". When you cancel, your account is terminated immediately and you will not be billed again. There are no cancelation fees. If you decide to return, you are required to pay the cost of sign up again.